10 Smart Ways to Earn Money from Home

Earn money online

10 Smart Ways to Earn Money from Home

People who don’t want to do the regular office job for earn money. They are searching for work which they can do from home. They want relaxation in work style. In India, we are seeing this trend that people are doing some own business with the own condition to earn money. The youngster of India, trying to establish own “brand” or establish “start-up” business. But it is difficult for those who don’t know how, what, when, where. So, I decide to start  5 posts series of earn money online. I will share with you on every week.

This is 1/5 series.

In First Series, I’m going to share some of the easy ways to earn extra money from home (making money online). Yes, I am talking about making money online.

You must be thinking that earning money online is not a joke but believe me for a lot of people online income is more than regular income. I am not going to share shortcut of earning extra money but yes some simple ways like to sell stuff online, generating content online, social media campaign, online business etc.

So let’s check out various ideas about how you can earn extra money online without losing your job.

(1)   Online marketing or Ad posting

Many companies offer money for posting their ads online, sometimes you need to marketing for it. You just need to Google about these types of site. Get register and just start your job for posting ads. This is the simple way to earn money. Next series I will provide list of companies.

Point to be Remember: Be careful, do some research, and contact the company directly.

(2)   Start Online Blog

Blogging is the best way to earn money. After the experience, you can get more money, not from blogging but another related source too. Starting a blog doesn’t require extensive technical skills you can simply use “word press” to make your blog in few minutes. You can place an advertisement in your sidebars to earn money from your blog. My next post will be focus only on how to make a blog and earn lots of money.

Point to be Remember: make sure have done proper research before starting blog

(3)   Freelancer

There is a penalty of the freelance website. People Per Hour, Fiverr etc. which gives you a platform where you can promote your services and earn money. If you are an expert in your skill area start posting your expertise on this website and start marketing. The best way to get more clients is to make an attractive profile and regulation promotion in social media. before starting freelance work just research about these companies, payment option, privacy policy etc. you can get freelance work through social media too.

Point to be Remember: Do regular promotion in social media and make an awesome profile.

(4)   E-tuitions/ Webinar

The demand for tutors is high and rapidly growing. If you are expert you can become online teacher or tutor to earn extra money or you can host an online webinar to earn extra money.

You need a desktop, good broadband, your expertise in the particular field.

Point to be Remember: make notes before going to the webinar and use a professional picture or video.

(5)   E-book selling

Writing a book is art but if you have skills you can create good eBook and sale it over the internet to earn extra money. You have to publish your book in many online store like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Point to be Remember: Book should be helpful to others and regular promotion is must

(6)   Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make money online is to become an affiliate/reseller. An affiliate is a person who gets a commission for selling every product that he promotes, whether on his Website or through any other avenue such as eBay. Flipkart, Snapdeal offers 10% to 20% commission on every sale, amazon.

Point to be Remember: use one affiliate marketing according to your interest and promote it through your channel, blog, social media etc.

(7)   Youtube Video Upload

Your talent can help you make your own brand and money online if you show this to the whole world. Make your youtube channel, upload your video and link to AdSense program. If you are an artist or video maker give wings to your hidden potential. Upload your video on YouTube your earnings will come from ads displayed on your video page.

Point to be Remember: upload high-quality video. It is best if you provide some valuable information.

(8)   Forum posting

Posting content on the forum will also earn you money. There are many sites which pay for posting on forums just Google it and you will find multiple sites like this.

Note: check out payment policy before posting but you can post free of cost, but it should be helpful.

(9)  Online paid survey

Your opinion matters well you can earn money by giving your opinion on online paid survey. This is the extra way to earn money.Companies give you payment option through PayPal or direct account transfer or another payment mode.

Point to be remembered: Do Proper Research and Check Payment Policy.

(10)  Selling photos

If you are good at photography and love to click photos through mobile or camera, you can earn money by selling these photos online. Many online websites like shutter stocks give money for original photos.

Point to be remembered: upload regularly and promote online

Conclusion: There are lots of ways to earn money online including above 10 which I described here. I am not stopping here you may find more details way to earn money in our next series.

I want to hear from you about make money online. What is your source of income offline or online? your comment helps us to write more and create awesome disscussion.