Your Contribution

Do you have a story? Do you want to share with us? Are you searching right platform so, what is waiting for?

This is a platform for you, yes only for crazy people who want to explore the world.

You have to work not a huge, just a little work. Share your experience, a story with us. Let the people know about your life journey. It may be sad, happy, joyful or anything.

We are inviting you come, join this wonderful community.

  1. Share your experience with your lovely thing’. Such as vehicles, pet, friends or others. “lovely”
  2. Weekend Enjoyment in your city or another place. “Weekend Enjoyment”
  3. Share your life experience which is worthy for reader. ” life experience”
  4. Share your Veg food outlet in your locality, city. “Food outlet”
  5. Any other which may be consider here “Other”

Please put the right code in the subject. It helps us.

Following are the requirement you should follow for submission your entry. Please mentioned in your entry

Your name, Home address, picture, and your entry …..

You can mention your social networking site id… So that community will praise you. If you want (optional)


Recently we are accepting few things but later we increase our list, be in touch for wonderful crazy stuff

Please send your entry to us on With the proper subject as mentioned above. We will check your entry if it worthy for the reader, then it will publish here. If you don’t see your entry that’s mean your entry denied. We are no so strict like school teachers. We will do what we can. We cannot notify you because of lots of work. Please regularly check here and read more and more crazy stuff.

Do and Don’t

  1. Use simple word.
  2. Don’t use restricted word (abuse word)
  3. Entry should be worthy for reader
  4. Your entry should be original, not an imagination


All the entries will belong to us. There is sole concern whether we publish or not.If you want to remove your entry, use “remove entry” in subject matter with your entry details. We will remove after receiving your mail.